floating solar PV Mounting System

24MW Floating PV Solar Mounting System

Floating PV systems are installed on unused areas of water, converting unutilised areas into profitable generators of renewable energy. The Solar Float system was developed to provide a simple and easy to maintain solution that creates a surplus energy output, and in which the supporting structures are durable for at least 30 years with minimal maintenance.

System attributes:

High energy output per square metre: up to 150 kWh/year m2

Robust and resistant to waves

Made from fully recyclable materials

Protect water resources

One of the biggest advantages of floating solar PV Mounting System is that the installations do not require valuable land space. Many of these installations can take up unused space on bodies of water, such as hydroelectric dam reservoirs, wastewater treatment ponds, or drinking water reservoirs.

Solar Panel Floating Mounting Structure installations have begun to spread throughout Australia, Japan, Europe and South Asia. The current trends indicate that FPV is here to stay and expand.


Technical Details:

Installation Site Lake, Reservoir, Dam, Industrial Pond, etc…
Floater’s Material High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Accessories’ Material AL6005-T5
Fastener’s Material SUS304
Solar Module Type Framed & Frameless
Solar Module Orientation Landscape
Tilt Angle 5~15°
Wind Speed 50m/s
Snow Load 1kN/m2
Color Gray or Customized
Design Standards T/CPIA 0017  /  JIS C8955:2017  /  AS/NZS 1170  /  ASCE 7-10


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