Ballast Mounting Solutions

China Solaracks ballasted pv mounting system aims to provide professional installers with an intelligent, non-penetrating, ballasted mounting system for flat roofs. Made by Extruded Aluminum profile, the Chiko ballast I-2 system, provide a lightweight solution for almost all flat roofs solar power plant construction. The system is designed for easy and quick fixed by only 1 tool with small number of components. Variety configuration of solar panel can be built for optimal solution for South-faced roofs, North-south roofs and East-west roofs.


  • Esolar Forever’s ballast mounting solution designs with the maximum flexibility and stability b for residential ,commercial & industrial solar systems
  • It is suitable for both framed and frameless solar module installation
  • The mounting structure is high pre-assembly,so it can be easy to install and save the human cost.
  • Structure material is AL6005-T5 so that it can make the mounting structure more stable and keep the long life.
  • Esolar Forever’s ballast mounting structure is with high quality ans strength control to meet customer’s requirements.

Ballast Mounting Solutions Technology Data

  • Installation Site: Concrete flat roof
  • Application:Framed and frameless solar module
  • Material:AL6005-T5
  • Max wind load: up to 60 m/s
  • Max snow load: up to 1.4kn/m2
  • Tilt angle:10-60 degree
  • Panel layout: Horizontal or vertical
  • Warranty: 12 years and 25 years service life

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