pontoons for floating solar

Plastic Pontoons Platform for floating Solar System

Our pontoons for floating solar are ultra-strong, making them suitable for both protected and unprotected environments. Frequent waves and high winds will not be a problem for these flexible and versatile cube pontoons.  Cube pontoon systems are also extremely lightweight, making installation and handling easy whilst still providing a pontoon that is strong and durable.


The features of plastic pontoon PV system:


1.Durable: The pontoon is made of high-quality HDPE which a is corrosion-resistant materials

2.High load capacity: Load capacity of single layer: 325 kg /m2.

3.Maintenance free: Lifespan of pontoon is above 15 years without any maintenance or repair.

4.Environmentally friendly: Pontoon is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

5.Easy installing and dismantling: Simple, fast in installing, diverse in configuration, the shape can be changed to meet the requirements.


These high-density polyethylene plastics floating pontoon platform are quickly and easily connected together by inserting a connection pin. Then it’s just a simple 45-degree turn to lock them into position. The pontoon cubes are mounded with a hard-wearing non-slip surface and although our cube systems are suitable in all depths of water, the pontoons have a very shallow, unladen draft allowing them to be used in water of just 25mm depth.




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