Solar power plants column foundation hot dip galvanized mesh fence

The mesh fence can be set by 3types foundation,screw,concrete and column foundation.Mesh fence with column foundation is easy to install by directly inserted into the column to complete the installation.And it doesn’t need to complete site preparation.The column provides a straight and stable structure for mesh fence.


Connection between mesh fence and column foundation is easy to connect by column hooks.The rest part of connection between fences and doors is also connect by fence connector.It saves the need for other tools and parts in the fence installation process, shortens the installation time and reduces the installation cost.

Mesh fence for solar power plants is fast and easy to package,transport and install. It can be a protection for photovoltaic system,and prevent theft and destruction of animals.The overall fence is composed of 2 meters of mesh, so the total length of the fence can be customized according to the local area.The fence can also be installed in inclined areas, and only special inclined fence connector are needed.

Fence is becoming one of the most important accessories for solar power plants.It’s not only the actual effect,different colors can also provide different aesthetic effects.The color can be white, brown and black.


  1. Lightweight design can make sure easy to package and transport;
  2. Various types of foundation can suit for most needs;
  3. The surface of stainless steel is treated to be corrosion resistant;
  4. Easy installation;
  5. Height and length can be customized;

Mesh-fence for-solar-power-plants

Hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment mesh fence is made of high quality iron wire.The iron wires provide a lightweight but strong structure.The surface has hot-dip galvanized treatment,produce a protective film to resist corrosion.The use period can be extended.

The best column can provide a firm and straight installation position,so that the fence will not be easily affected by bad weather like strong wind and snow.Ensuring the normal operation of the installation system under strong wind and snow conditions.

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